How Do I Get My Hands To Stop Sweating?

I’m a 22 year old female and I sweat like crazy. It’s not even hot outside yet and my palms are sweating, and they’re also all over my face (they always do when I get nervous or something). How can I stop this?

Answer: Sweating is caused by the body trying to cool itself down when it becomes too warm – which in most people’s case is around 37 degrees celcius. When we sweat, our bodies release tiny amounts of fluid that has been stored in the blood vessels along with salt and other minerals from within these cells – one of these minerals is sodium. This keeps us hydrated but if we become overheated again then the salts in our body will be released back into our bloodstream causing more water to be lost through perspiration and accelerating dehydration.

It seems strange but what you need to remember is that your skin only needs a very small amount of water for normal functioning so try not to worry about how much you’re losing through perspiration – if anything think about drinking enough fluids before eating or exercising! In fact some studies have shown women who exercise regularly actually suffer less from excessive sweating than those who don’t due to their increased muscle activity meaning their metabolism works harder therefore burning away heat quicker causing them less moisture loss.

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