How Do I Get My Feet To Stop Sweating?

I work in a fast paced environment and I sweat a lot. I have tried many things to help me from pore strips to other products that promise to get rid of the production of excess moisture. Nothing has worked for me because my feet just keep getting sweaty no matter what! Please let me know how you can help me with this problem.

Answer: We actually don’t encourage people to use any sort of deodorants on their feet, but there are natural ways they can combat sweating (and even prevent it):

1) Use an anti-bacterial foot soap like Listerine or Zicam; these products contain menthol crystals that effectively stop sweating at its source by blocking the pores in your skin which lead sweat out of your foot. These soaps will stay effective for up to 6 hours (it’s suggested not more than 5). If you prefer something less minty, try Aveeno Active Naturals Foot Cream; this is also an excellent product with zetaClear technology, clinically proven results and great reviews! 2) Wear cotton socks when possible – synthetic fibers absorb perspiration better than natural ones, so wear thicker socks if you’re prone to getting hot underfoot 3) Dress in clothes that provide proper ventilation – lightweight fabrics trap heat making it harder for your body temperature control mechanism (your core temperature regulation system)to work properly causing sweat glands inside your skin to produce more sweat 4) Keep cool during the summer months – avoid

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