How Do I Get My Armpits To Stop Sweating?

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23/04/2010 · How do you get your armpits stop sweating so much? I have eczema on my arms, hands and legs. Any help would be appreciated…. The quickest way is to use an unscented deodorant that blocks the sweat glands in order to prevent excessive sweating. You can also apply some anti-fungal cream or powder on the affected areas if you find that your skin becomes increasingly sensitive after bathing. Other ways include wearing light cotton clothes during summer months, which are less likely to cause stains, as well as using a good quality body lotion. If you are not fond of applying creams directly onto your skin, then it is best suggested that you visit a dermatologist for advice regarding the treatment of your condition… Just make sure all these measures will work without causing any harm to your health. And remember! Less is more when it comes …

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