How Can You Stop Your Feet From Sweating?

“Riding a bike is about feeling the wind and the rain on your face. But it doesn’t help much if you feel like crying every time you stop to rest—which, by the way, is called ‘pedaling.’ You can put up with all that for a while; but eventually it gets to be too much. When I was in college, I knew I wanted to be an actor—and what better place than Hollywood? So one day back then my dad took me into Kaiserman & Kahnner where they had this huge poster of Humphrey Bogart as Rick DeWolfe: ‘The Enforcer! He does things his own way… And he never gives up.’ That poster changed everything for me: It made me want to keep going no matter how bad things got or how confused or desperate I felt inside. My dad said something else that stuck with me: ‘You need two things in life if you want to succeed as an actor: The first thing is character—the second thing is luck.’ Now those are pretty heavy words from Dad when he was just getting started himself as a kid trying out for bit parts at Universal Studios during World War II, so maybe they weren’t meant so much for him as them were meant for Rhea and me who were still little kids at the time.”

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