How Can You Stop Sweating Under Your Armpits?

Not knowing how to stop underarm sweating is a common problem. When I first learned that there was no way to actually “stop” my armpits from sweating, it devastated me. Having always struggled with excessive perspiration in the armpits, I had suffered in silence for years until one day when I decided enough was enough and went looking for answers (you know, like most people do). It turns out that you can control your sweat production by using deodorant with an active ingredient called aluminum zirconium trichlorohydroxide. This active ingredient works by blocking the enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase which causes excessive secretions of fluid (sweat) during times of stress or physical activity. Additionally, this formulation also helps reduce odor causing bacteria on the skin naturally without harsh chemicals leaving your underarms feeling clean and dry all day long! For best results apply deodorant at least 20 minutes before you leave for work so it has sufficient time to absorb into your skin completely. If you are not used to putting on any kind of anti-perspirant product on your underarms then try an introductory sample size here right away!

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