How Can I Stop Sweating So Bad?

It isn’t possible to stop sweating altogether. However, if you find that your sweat glands are not working properly, then it is natural for them to be producing too much sweat or you may have overactive nerves which is causing the excessive sweating. If this is the case, then there are some steps which can be taken to control the problem:

1) Take a shower immediately after exercise. This will help remove any excess perspiration from your body and also reduce any odors so they don’t bother other people around you during normal activities.

2) Use desiccant powders in order to absorb moisture from your skin so that the subsequent washing process won’t cause any irritation on your skin’s surface as well as leaving an unpleasant odor on clothing. Desiccants usually come in forms of dry cornstarch powder or talc powder mixed with water either by themselves or combined into different items such as facial washes, shampoos, etc..

3) Eat foods rich in potassium like bananas and oranges due to their high levels of potassium content helping manage excessive perspiration thus leading you back towards normalcy without damaging hair follicles since they contain citric acid instead of sodium salts which has strong alkali effect on hair fiber thus destroying hair roots making it impossible for new hair growth .

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