How Can I Stop Sweating On My Face?

I sweat like alot on my forehead, nose and upper lip. It has been for about one year now I’ve noticed it started to happen after an long period of time that i was working out or just had something on me that caused the sweat. Now I don’t workout nearly as much as before but am still sweating a lot more than usual even when i’m just watching TV at home. My face is very red too, its not acne because sometimes people say they think im having acne but actually i don’t have breakouts it’s just this kind of dryness under the skin with some small pimples here and there which arent really noticeable since theyre so small except if you look close enough…it doesn’t itch or anything though…what can cause this? Is it harmful for my body to keep doing this every day? And what do you recommend i do to stop all these sweats from happening?

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