How Can I Stop Sweating In My Sleep?

I’m not sweating in my sleep, the only thing that I’ve noticed is that when I wake up it’s like its hot, and if i lay with my head on a pillow it feels good. But I don’t know what else to do about this! Stop Sweating in Your Sleep? – Quora This question has been asked before but no answer was found which is sad because most people suffer from this problem once or twice in their life….

How can you stop someone smoking pot around you? How can you stop someone smoking pot around you? permalink; embed; save; parent; report Abuse … how to make mistletoe for christmas decorations If she’s still young enough (or even old enough) where they haven’t developed much of an addiction yet (if at all), then yes, she should be able to keep herself safe by telling them off…but try not to get angry at her for doing so…try making her feel better instead of guilty

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