How Can I Stop My Feet From Sweating?

Some people who sweat profusely claim they don’t feel the sweat because it’s not hot enough to make them uncomfortable. However, you can usually tell when your feet are overheating. The key is that if you’re wearing socks and shoes with vents, then the warm air expelled by your foot will cool down once it reaches your body. If this doesn’t happen, then one of two things must be happening: Either you have no ventilation whatsoever or all of your ventilation is being consumed by far more than just yourself (for example, other people in need may also be using these same shoes). Sometimes there can be a mixup between what gets used for ventilation and what ends up cooling off the heat that comes out of each shoe or sock combined. As well as having footwear that has adequate ventilation holes – especially around the toes – try putting some ice cubes into each shoe before taking them on-and-off so at least part of the heat produced by your feet goes right back into space rather than warming up another spot! [Source]

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