How Can I Stop My Armpits From Sweating?

Can you stop sweating in the armpits? I get so sweaty there and it is making me self conscious. I am a heavy sweater and can’t wear sleeveless tops. -Anonymous

The key to stopping armpit sweat is simple: Cool down! Sweating has some purpose–to cool our skin, but excessive or prolonged sweating can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. Start by wearing less clothing; when you’re hot, your body will try harder to keep itself cool (this response comes from heat sensors on the surface of our skin). When we start to sweat too much, we actually feel more cold than before–so add another layer until your core temperature rises enough to make up for lost moisture. You’ll probably need at least two layers under a short sleeve shirt if you have this problem often.

By reducing your workload during physical activity, lowering temperatures where possible (such as in a home’s air conditioning system) and using over-the-counter antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride or other ingredients that limit perspiration from being absorbed by clothes help prevent excess sweating from occurring any time soon again. If they don’t work for you, check with your doctor about prescription drug options such as Antabuse which blocks sodium ions outside cells blocking the ability of water molecules within cells to bond together forming perspiration droplets in order to “let go” of unwanted substances through evaporation into exhaled air.-TedR

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