How Can I Prevent My Armpits From Sweating?

ok i got a lot of deffinatly no sweat under the arm pit and on my upper back but thats not what im talking about. i want to know how can i prevent this from happening again because its driving me nuts! if you have any tips would be appreciated as much as possible, thanks for your time.

Answer: Sweating is caused by blood that returns to the heart after being released into our body’s tissues during physical exercise, such as running or weight lifting. When we exercise vigorously, these internal organs (like those in our chest area) are forced to work harder than usual and create heat which is then transferred directly through the circulatory system to sweat glands located all over your skin surface including your armpits and other areas where it usually doesn’t occur. To avoid excessive sweating when you’re working out hard enough so that it gets hot outside, panting may give off more moisture than normal breathing does — even though you’re getting air into your lungs via respiration — but only until the body reaches a point of exhaustion where it can no longer bring up sufficient amounts of blood from within itself for cooling purposes. So unless there’s something seriously wrong with your cardiovascular system or lack thereof (heart disease), perspiration will normally increase at a faster rate before it starts decreasing once oxygen levels start dropping below acceptable limits due to fatigue during vigorous activity causing anaerobic metabolism rather than aerobic level combustion relying on oxygen intake alone since ventilation isn’t adequate enough

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