How Can I Keep My Feet From Sweating?

i have to wear socks with tennis shoes. i was just wondering if there is anything I can do about it other than putting my feet in plastic bags?

ANSWER: For best results, try treating your whole body for sweating using our Natural Deodorant Spray with Tea Tree Oil or Lavender. Wash and bleach the sheets daily, especially between you and the girl who has a very strong attracting scent to her urine/semen. Anytime you are wearing cloths that were worn by another person who had an offensive odor, wash these cloths immediately too! You will be amazed at how much moisture evaporates from your skin after only one day of washing everything that contains sweat odors into the environment around where you live/sleep/work! WORK HARD ON YOURSELF TO GET RID OF THE ODER!! OUR NATURAL DEODORANT SPRAY WITH TEA TREE OIL AND LAVENDER WILL DO THIS FOR YOU IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE A WASHABLE CLOTHING PRODUCT OR BATHMAT PAD THAT DOES NOT REPELL URINE ODORS OR CHEMICALS LIKE SULFUR SOAP!!! THESE ARE BUILD IN PROTECTION GARMENTS AND CANNOT BE REMOVED BY JUST WASHING THEM OFF YOUR LEGS AND ARMS!!!! SEE OUR CATALOGUE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!!!

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