How Can I Control My Sweating?

Symptoms: i sweat a lot at night and sometimes during the day. it becomes very annoying to many people around me especially my friends, how can i control this?

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Sweating – Hyperhidrosis Sweating is not related to anxiety or stress. It’s just your body trying to cool itself off. You should talk with your primary care provider about treating this condition because there are medications that do work for you as well as procedures such as Botox injections which can also be minimally invasive and less painful than surgery. Best wishes! Mark Sperry MD, FACS Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Mount Sinai Medical Center Board Certified Plastic Surgeon New York, NY Answer Hi sweety…sweating is caused by excessive heat in the body…so its normal and safe for you…the best way to stop sweating is using an anti-perspirant or deodorant..and if you have hyperhidrosis then please visit​ Question: How can I help reduce chest perspiration? Asked 8 Dec 2012 by ronnieej Answered by Mark Sperry Dr P Permalink 1 Comment Share The most effective treatment we offer at our office is botox injection into the area where sweat glands would normally develop but they never mature completely so chest sweating IS NOT caused from too much chest sweating (that’s why even though chest sweats happen later

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