Hair Dye Bleeding When Sweating?

Yes, you can still dye your hair with the same color. Always test the saturations of your chosen color on a small part of your hair before applying it to ensure that you get an even application all over. It is also important to use heat protection while treating dark colors so that they don’t fade too quickly or unevenly. The best thing to do if bleeding occurs is re-apply the product and wipe off any excess dye immediately after coloring ends up in other areas than where it should have been applied, for example in between strands of hair, on skin near the roots etc.

Q: Why does my natural black/brown/gray highlights change color? Is this normal?

All type of highlighted hairs tend to change their tone when exposed to direct sunlight or UV light from a bulb or tanning bed set at low temperatures (upwards from 110C). This process happens faster when there are more pigments present in your hair such as henna and various root dyes which contain reds and blues respectively; however most types of highlighting products will cause some fading depending upon what type they are made out of (i.e., sulfate free vs non sulfate free), how often you wash them out from being dyed, frequency with which you apply them etc… In order for highlights not fade excessively we recommend using semi-permanent shades only once every 1-2 weeks max! For further clarifications please contact us via email at info@

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