Feminine Odor When Sweating?

In the beginning, I was a little confused as to why my body smelled so strongly. In retrospect, I now know that this is because of the hormones in our sweat—and not just any old steroid hormone but estrogen and progesterone! This explains why I’ve always been very sensitive to smells since puberty, and it also explains why most women find their menstrual cycle to be a heightened time for smell—for all reasons besides ovulation. As a result of these hormonal changes taking place during each monthly cycle, receptors on your skin change from male/female (called “beta receptors”) into female/male (called “alpha receptors”). Thus, during times when estrogen is present in higher concentrations than usual due to ovulation or pregnancy or artificial birth control pills or whatever else you may have been using at various points throughout your life, those same molecules will activate more female-specific receptor sites on the surface of your cells causing them to react more readily with other compounds such as odor molecules. Those olfactory sequences we use daily: roses and vanilla ice cream; cheesecake and shampoo; leather seats and gasoline fumes—all unique combinations that remind us of someone who has clearly made some sort of impression upon us—it all works by activating these special receptor sites that only operate under certain conditions related specifically to sexual arousal states…but despite what some cultures seem to believe about periods being an absolute curse for women everywhere (many cultures forbid menstruating girls from

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