Excessive Sweating When Running?

This is a common complaint among runners who have a running form that causes excessive sweating. This will be evident when you run with a group of other runners and you can see how much your body sweats. You should avoid this if possible because it can be dangerous to have excess sweat on the skin while running in addition to causing chafing from friction against the clothing.

How do I prevent blisters?

Wearing supportive shoes along with socks that wick away moisture will help prevent blisters from forming, especially when running long distances or on hot days or after coming out of an intense workout. Wearing gloves is also helpful for avoiding blister formation while exercising outdoors during summer months where there’s a lot of sun exposure and warmth in the air around us at all times. Always use sunscreen, wear appropriate clothing for the weather (if it’s cold outside) and make sure you’re wearing shoes which are well-ventilated to allow heat out through them so they aren’t too warm inside once they’ve been worn awhile – this helps prevent heat-related injuries like hotspots; these are basically small areas of discolored skin due to prolonged contact with excessively high temperatures caused by staying in one place too long without adequate ventilation (heat stroke). When choosing footwear keep in mind what type of terrain/surface you’ll be walking across before making your final decision about whether or not an athletic shoe would work for your specific needs; some people love trail runners but hate pavement so they go

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