Excessive Sweating And Dizziness Are Symptoms Of What?

A) Hyperventilation B) Hypoglycemia C) Hypothyroidism D) Hyperthyroidism E) All of the above

The correct answer is A. The cardinal signs of hyperhidrosis are excessive sweating in areas other than that stimulated by heat or exertion, and great distress or embarrassment when one’s condition is observed by others. It usually begins abruptly at childhood but sometimes later in life. There is no known cause for this disorder; it can occur on both sides of an individual’s body (unilateral hypersensitivity). Sweating occurs mainly under the arms, hands, feet, face around the eyes and nose (rhinophyma), axillae (groin/armpit region), genitalia (hyperhidrosis genitourinary)—especially during sexual arousal—and sometimes on palms of hands and soles of feet. It also causes palmar erythema with great disability resulting from occupational losses due to delayed start times because people cannot get into their cars quickly enough before they begin sweating profusely all over their bodies again! Treatment includes nonprescription antiperspirants such as aluminum chloride hexahydrate under each armpit at night followed by a moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy acids to moisten skin in a dry climate if necessary. In mild cases individuals may benefit from taking oral anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or naproxen sodium every few hours after work until symptoms have

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