Excessive Armpit Sweating When Cold?

A: This is not a common occurrence. If your child’s armpits appear to be sweating excessively, you may want to check with his doctor about whether he has another medical condition such as hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration), which can sometimes cause similar symptoms.

Q: Are there signs that my baby boy or girl might have an enlarged lymph node in the groin area? A: Lymph nodes are small glands found throughout the body and they help fight infections and other diseases by producing antibodies. The only way for most people to find out if their lymph nodes are swollen is through imaging tests such as x-rays or ultrasound scans. For this reason, many parents assume it’s normal when one of their babies has a swollen lump in the groin area without any other symptoms present.

However, some exceptions exist where there is concern about what could be causing these lumps in young children – especially when they also have fever, weight loss/decreased appetite and persistent crying at night (all of which may be attributed to bacterial infection). In these situations we recommend making an appointment with your pediatrician so that they can do further investigation into possible causes for this finding.

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