Constantly Sweating Even When Cold?

Is it a sign of an illness? Is there any natural cure for this kind of sweat, or is it simply the way my body sweats?

ANSWER: This is a problem that many people have. For whatever reason, they seem to be sweating all the time. It can happen at night as well as during the day. And sometimes it’s not just one spot on your skin that you are sweating from—you may actually be dripping wet with perspiration from all over your body! In fact, some people even claim they feel as if their skin is literally drenched in moisture and feels very uncomfortable and clammy when they go out into hot weather —as if their bodies were trying to cool off by losing all this water through sweat.

But it turns out that most of us aren’t really made up of 90 percent water and 10 percent salt crystals (though we do tend to lose more sodium than chloride through our sweat). Most humans actually contain about 62 percent water; however, we don’t keep around 62 gallons of liquid inside our bodies without having built-in mechanisms to flush the excess fluid away so that we don’t become severely dehydrated or risk getting sick! Our kidneys regulate how much salt we retain in our blood serum (the part within which oxygen gets transported), and they also actively work to excrete excess salts back into urine via thirst mechanism or via urination process (which helps us remove excessive fluids). So what causes

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