Is Sweating Good When You Have A Fever?

” I ask. Every other day, Auntie Mabel tells me that my hair is too thin and that she would like it thicker, but after two days of constant attention, I am covered in a thick layer of oil and flour. “You smell awful! You stink!” She bursts out. “Why don’t you ever bathe? Why … Read more

What Causes Excessive Sweating From The Head And Neck?

The two most plausible explanations for excessive sweating around the head and neck are: 1. You have a condition known as vasodilatation (often called “heat stroke” or “sunstroke”). In this occurrence, your body overproduces sweat to cool down from the heat of sunburn. This can be caused by strong sunlight, fever, infection, nervousness or anxiety … Read more

How To Keep From Sweating?

There are a lot of people who sweat excessively with no apparent reason. Some experts believe that the cause may be an underlying health condition, while others think it is simply a matter of body chemistry. If you’re one of those people who often feels drenched in your clothes and also has to constantly re-apply … Read more

How To Stop Forehead Sweating?

How to stop forehead sweating? Go for a walk. It’s great! Do it daily and you will be able to control the excessive sweating on your forehead, even if it is not visible with your naked eye. A little exercise can help you reduce the amount of sweat produced by your body during stress, fatigue … Read more

How To Keep Your Butt From Sweating?

The same way you keep your brain from sweating: by exercising it! A TASTE OF CHOCOLATE TO GO WITH THE BEER I know that I just said that beer and chocolate don’t mix, but apparently there is a place in Colorado where they do. Right next to the brewery (which is like about an hour … Read more

Why Sweating At Night?

I’m a very light sleeper, and I sweat a lot. People always think it’s because of my high blood pressure, but the fact is that the only time I get sick is when I sleep with too much clothing on. It’s not an allergy or anything like that. Also, there are other things besides heat … Read more

How To Control Excessive Sweating?

Excessive sweating is a common problem. It is experienced by about 50% of the population and can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms. Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) happens when there are too much sweat glands in your body, hence causing excessive amounts of perspiration day or night. Hyperhidrosis causes people to feel self conscious and embarrassed due … Read more

How To Stop Sweating So Much On My Face?

Why is my face sweating? Glad you asked. If you sweat on your forehead, then it could mean that: You have a fever . Check the temperature of your face and hands with a thermometer at night before going to sleep. If it’s higher than normal (usually 99° F) or lower than normal (normally 98° … Read more

How To Make Feet Stop Sweating?

Yahoo Answers What can be done to make my feet stop sweating? Yahoo Answers How To Make Feet Stop Sweating Right Now YouTube For instance, when I want to make a point in class it is imperative that the words “you” and “your” do not appear anywhere. They may come up in English but you … Read more