Bad Body Odor When Sweating?

Body odor in horses is caused by bacterial growth. It can be caused by poor hygiene, stress or injury. Horses that sweat excessively (coughing, sweating profusely when hot and/or exercising) are more likely to develop body odor than horses that exercise moderately. Body odor usually appears on the neck area of the horse, especially at night time when they sleep. The smell dissipates during the day but reappears after a rest period or hard work out for long periods of time such as pasture turnout or training sessions.

How do I get rid of body odor in my horse?

There are many ways to treat this problem including bathing, deodorizing products and avoiding stress-inducing activities! If treatment does not resolve your horse’s body odour problems then you should consider having him checked out by your veterinarian who may refer you to an equine dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment if necessary..

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