How To Stop Bad Sweating In Underarms?

by Karlie (Johannesburg, ZA) I have an oily skin and I sweat a lot. My underarms are very bad now because of the sweating so I would like to know how can I stop this? What should I do??Please help me out.Thank youHi,It is normal for people with oily skins to sweat profusely – but … Read more

Why I Wake Up Sweating?

why i wake up sweating? what causes it and how to stop it. It is a very annoying problem that can be quite irritating and uncomfortable at times. This article will help you understand the reasons behind sweating in the morning, various types of sweat and why we sometimes wake up with wet hair or … Read more

Why Does Diabetes Cause Excessive Sweating?

Excessive sweating, known as polydipsia is a common symptom of diabetes. Excessive sweating can lead to hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis disruptions which are the underlying cause for hypoglycemic crisis or hyperglycemia. The HPA axis governs hormonal responses in response to stressors such as psychological, physical and environmental stressors. Hypoglycemia is often seen with type 1 diabetics … Read more

How Does Sweating Occur?

It is normal for your body to produce sweat at times, especially in hot weather. Sweating allows you to stay cool and provides protection against the sun’s UV rays. It also works as a way of removing excess fluid from your skin. However, when excessive sweating occurs this can be uncomfortable and result in serious … Read more

How To Stop Toilet Sweating?

I have a question about how to stop the toilet from sweating. I’ve been wondering what you would recommend for that purpose. Toilet can’t hold water is a common problem in homes, apartments and even offices. Here are some ways on how to fix this kind of issue: First thing first, check if your toilets … Read more

How To Make A Toilet Stop Sweating?

Is it possible to fix a toilet that is constantly running? If so, how do you stop the water from running through the entire tank. I can shut off the overflow valve on top of my toilet and also the bleed valve … Whirlpool Duet 3 1/2-Inch QuietClose Toilet Fill Valve Is it possible to … Read more