Armpits Itch When Sweating?

Answer: Some people have very mild itches in the armpits, but if you experience itching and irritation, it is because your body does not like what you are putting into it. Most of these people suffer from extreme sensitivity to substances that we use daily without any issues. This includes deodorants and antiperspirants! If you try these products for a short time and then stop using them, you will notice that your body does not like the chemicals which were previously irritating to the skin. After stopping their use, your skin will slowly return to its normal function; however, if you don’t give yourself enough time (2-3 months) to heal up completely from this process there may be some residual effects such as slight rashes or even discomfort when wearing tight clothing such as t-shirts or suits.

Why doesn’t my underarm smell?

Answer: Your underarms usually do not smell because they have no sweat glands – just hair follicles – so there is no need for a scent at all! When you sweat through your pores by exercising hard or taking a hot shower/bath, certain components can gather on the surface of the pores where bacteria starts growing quickly due to high temperature conditions. The bacteria produces gases which keep evaporating water from reaching deeper layers of skin cells so they stay wet longer than usual causing an unpleasant odor near this region. In order for these gas molecules produced by bacterial growth outgassing through pores become

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