Along With Water, What Else Has Michael Lost Through Sweating??


I am not sure what you mean. Is this something I should be concerned about? I had a digital sound level monitor and checked my bedroom (which is right next to the bath) and it was at 77dB, which is very low for an adult. The measurement of 81dB measured from the master bathroom probably provides a more accurate indication of noise levels in the house when showering or bathing, since that room is far away from any other rooms or appliances. In addition, our home has concrete floors with radiant heaters under them so we have reasonably good heating/cooling throughout the day even when there are no people in the house. We have one large room with carpet on hardwood flooring in our living space and two bedrooms where hardwood floors are also used – these provide a lot of insulation between us if we want privacy while sleeping. The only other areas in our house were found to be excessively noisy during testing were 2 small closets adjacent to eachother on opposite sides of a hallway that lead into another bedroom area where most people spend their time after they get out of bed – but these closets contain little more than clothes and shoes so they aren’t really “offices” as much as storage spaces for items needed early morning before going about your business. No noise measuring instruments were placed within either closet, nor near them while they both contained maybe 10% clothing or less inside along with some boxes without anything else inside them except perhaps various office supplies

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