Abnormal Condition In Which There Is A Lack Of Or Complete Absence Of Sweating?

Does the condition cause any symptoms?

How long has it been since you were last seen by a doctor?

If you have had an episode of this condition, did your sweat contain any foul-smelling chemical odor or was there any unusual appearance to your skin (such as pinkish spots)? If so, please describe.

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For more information on typical questions asked during history taking in general practice and about clinical interview guidelines for skin disorders, see the chapter “Screening Interviews.” See also Chapter 7 (“Brief History”). You may wish to review this material before telling your story. When necessary in addition to these sources, other additional references for further reading are listed in Recommended Reading at the end of the book. If possible, take notes while listening carefully and asking pertinent questions. The following list summarizes some typical introductory questions:

What is your age? What is your sex? How old are you now? Have you ever had tuberculosis or cancer of the cervix or uterus (carcinoma) or breast carcinoma (breast cancer)? Have you taken antibiotics recently? Are pregnant/nursing women known to be lactose intolerant?, Do you chew tobacco when not pregnant/nursing women?, Do people with mental illness wear dark glasses indoors?, Do children play outdoors without wearing raincoats?, Does anyone who lives with me smoke cigarettes outside my house?, Is everyone living with me infected with chickenpox (var

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